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Center for Spiritual Living Guitar
Center for Spiritual Living Drumming Circle
Sci-Fi robot holding white cube
Red exit sign pointing towards left alleyway
Thumbnail of Coca Cola 3D Model
Thumbnail of my room in 3D
Detective looking out window in a messy office

LEGO Marvel vs DC

I made a 3D/Photography series for a class at Skagit Valley College. The project assignment was to collect a series of 12 images that demonstrated a story. One of the many prompts was to use toys, and if you’ve read anything on the ABOUT ME page, you’ll know that superhero media is what inspired me to become a 3D artist. What better choice for a story than to share a piece from my childhood imagination?

To create this story I used a Canon Rebel T7 & Google Street View app to capture my kitchen, the site Mecabricks for the 3D models, Blender to pose everything together & add extra SFX, and Adobe Photoshop to enhance the final results.

Looking back, this was one of the first projects to teach me how subtle VFX and lighting can heavily enhance my work. Part of what adds to the realism of this project are the reflections on each character. Without an HDRI of my kitchen, the characters would be lit up completely unnaturally, especially considering how bright the background is.

Early 3D Work

Here’s a series of images made in late 2021, the year I started practicing 3D design.

The first is a concept of a room I made as a backdrop to be used for streaming. I have no intentions of streaming, but I thought it would be fun to make something like this. I used a reference from Google Images and placed that reference on the bottom left. The map on the bookshelf is from Skyrim, a game I love. The other images are 2D drawings from me before I switched to 3D design. I wanted to give them a final sendoff here.

The second image is part of an assignment from Skagit Valley College. The concept was to show a progressively evolving image, so I made a robot hand that explodes glowing wires. This was the best image from that series.

The last three are Christmas-inspired 3D renders. Remember, I started around Christmas, so my art was a bit jolly at first!


Here’s a series of images made in late 2021, the year I started practicing 3D design. The first three images are of a monster I call “The Creep.” I went to my local park at night and took pictures of the rainy environment, which gave me the perfect background for this creepy individual.

The fourth image is a photo of my dog, Monkey, chasing a 3D character I recreated from the VR game The Lab.

The fifth and final image is a picture of my desk with a black VR headset on it. The headset is a 3D model that I created, based on an image from the creator of Oculus.

Except for the final image, these are all projects from my photography class at Skagit Valley College. Each was made using Blender and Adobe Photoshop